Meet the Team

Bibiana Osorio

CEO & Founder

"My experience in the diagnostics industry helped me understand the importance of being proactive about our health and the long-term impact this can have on our quality of life. I realized that while most of us think of our pets more like our furry babies, we still aren't as proactive when it comes to their health. We believe that just by going to the vet, everything will be fine. But ... how do we know if something is wrong when they can't speak and when they age at such a rapid rate? What if there was a way to identify an illness before it's too late? What if this experience was stress-free, simple, and included results that you could actually understand rather than confusing medical jargon?" 


And so Petventive Care was born to change pets' lives and help their parents make better-informed decisions about their furry friend's health.


Bibiana is originally from Colombia, Industrial Engineer, and MBA. She currently lives in Boston and is the proud mom of Winston, the cutest Rhodesian Ridgeback on earth! (At least according to her)


"We want to give a voice

to those who cannot talk"

Bibiana Osorio, CEO & Founder

Image by Drew Hays

Join Our Team

We are looking for a vet and a vet tech to join our team! To learn more about the role, contact us!


We are building a multi partnership model. We are looking for partners in:

  • Veterinary Services

  • Breeders

  • Pet Shelters

  • Pet Stores

  • Pet Food Companies

  • Pet Insurance

  • Pet Groomers

  • Dog Walkers

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