Drinkable Dental Health

Drinkable Dental Health


TEEF Drinkable Dental Health is a prebiotic powder water supplement that will help to clean and protect your doggo's teeth. Say goodbye to bad breath and dental disease!

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Did you know that 80% of pets have gum disease by the age of 3? That's why TEEF! developed the perfect formula to battle against bad breath, tooth loss, and gum disease to ensure your dog has the healthiest smile and his life is not cut short due to dental disease!


Benefits of using TEEF!:

  1. Stops the growth of harmful bacteria
  2. Encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, which:
    • Balances the immune system
    • Promotes healthy plaque
    • Promotes healthier gum disease
  3. Promotes stronger and whiter teeth
  4. Improves breath


How does TEEF! compare to other existing dental products?

  • None of the existing pet dental products target bacteria below the gumline effectively - not even brushing, and mask doggie breath. TEEF! targets the root cause of dental disease, even below the gumline, and bad breath.
  • Most pet dental products contain sugars and harsh chemicals or detergents. TEEF! is carbohydrate-free (low calorie) and has no chemicals at all.