Collagen Supplement for Puppies

Collagen Supplement for Puppies


Happy Start is a collagen supplement that builds healthy hips and joints in puppies and young dogs (Age 0-3)

Did you know puppies continue to grow until 3 years old? That’s why Happy Start provides your puppy with the perfect blend of nutrients to ensure their joints, bones, and skin develop in the best way possible.

As your puppy is most likely still very agile, you will recognize the benefits in the shiny coat and healthy energy. It is not always what you see from the outside; you can be assured that you are giving your puppy the best start into a long-lasting healthy joint life!


Benefits of Happy Start Collagen Supplement for Puppies:

  1. Builds healthy joints and bones
  2. Supports healthy energy, digestion, and fuels the muscles
  3. Promotes good skin, coat, and hair growth


Product endorsed and used by Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer.