Collagen Supplement for Senior Dogs

Collagen Supplement for Senior Dogs


Happy Again is a collagen supplement that relieves stiffness and restores healthy hips, joints and bones in senior dogs (Age 7+)

In the senior lifestage, beloved senior pups have lost the ability to produce collagen and their joints are degrading. Happy Again was developed for a very special senior named Tony.  With the arthritis pain, he couldn’t skateboard.  This formulation helped him skate again and made everyone Happy Again.

As your senior dog might have started to slow down you will recognize the benefits in their increase of agility and energy. A shiny coat and healthy skin is a benefit at this point too. It is not always what you see from the outside; you can be assured that you are giving your dog the best long-lasting healthy joint life!


Benefits of Happy Again Collagen Supplement for Senior Dogs:

  1. Relieves stiffness, and restores healthy joints and bones
  2. Supports digestion, and fuels the muscles
  3. Helps with additional protein supply
  4. Promotes good skin, coat, and hair growth


Product endorsed and used by Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer.