A routine lab test can change your pet's life

Running diagnostic tests on your four-legged friend can help identify diseases early on so you can start preventive treatment right away.

Who we are

We believe that your pet is part of your family, and as such we want to help you take better care of your furry friend! 

We are all about prevention. We want to lead the change from reactive to proactive care in the pet industry, helping your pet live a healthy and lasting life!

How do we do it

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It's a simple process.

Bring your pet to us or we come to you and collect a sample of your furry friend.

We then process the results and provide you with a holistic report (fun and straightforward) of how your pet is doing.

Come to one of our locations. We offer various tests tailored to the life stage of your pet (e.g. adult and senior panels)

Collect Samples

We then interpret the results of your pet and identify if there are abnormal results that need to be reviewed.

Analyze Results

Through a complete report you have access to the results, insights and actionable recommendations for your pet.

Tailored Report

We show you how your pet's health is over time and how it compares to other pets from the same age and breed.


How you can do it

Visit our shop and buy an at-home screening test.


Test your furry friend from the comfort of your home following these easy steps.

Use the unique code that comes with your kit and activate the lab test online.

Activate Online

Follow the instructions to collect a fresh sample from your pet.

Collect Sample

Mail the samples in the postage-paid return box included. 

Mail from Home

Our COVID-19 Response

Social Distance:

  • At our testing facilities: only one pet owner and one pet is allowed at a time. If preferred, we also offer curbside service - owners can drop their pet at the facility door, and wait outside during the appointment.

  • In our at-home visits: when possible, we collect samples outside and we only communicate with one person in the household.

Online Payments:

All payments are through an online platform to avoid handling cash or cards.


Our staff uses adequate protection to keep our clients and pets safe.


Our testing facilities are cleaned and disinfected after each visit.


Let us know if you or anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms or suspect to have COVID-19.

Image by Eric Han

Give preventive care to your furry friend!

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